Statistics Training

Koliber Biosciences provides hands-on statistics training specifically designed for researchers in the biological sciences. The training is customized to your datasets giving you immediate benefit while minimizing the time spent in training.

In this class you will learn:

  • how to apply and interpret the results of a statistical test
  • how to analyze data with many variables
  • how to design studies to gain most information from the smallest experiment
  • which error bars to use and what they mean
  • how to calculate the number of samples you need for an experiment
  • how to make compelling data visualizations
  • how to build simple machine learning models
  • where your largest sources of error are
  • how many units will fail in your manufacturing runs

The training is suitable for scientists at any level. No prior data analysis experience necessary. Commercial software is utilized that is easy to learn and does the math under the hood. Minimal time commitment required, as little as 6 hours of training for basic statistical concepts and data visualization. Individual and group sessions available at your company location or our San Diego office.

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