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we are passionate about utilizing data science to accelerate biological discoveries. We apply machine learning to our everyday research in the field of microbiome and probiotics. We also offer data science services that include building predictive models for our clients and providing hands-on statistics training.


Probiotics Research

Koliber Biosciences is developing microbiome technologies and novel probiotic strains for human health applications. Our technology platform enables us to add novel functions into existing strains providing the possibility of greatly expanding the number of probiotic applications. Our first product in development is a probiotic that will naturally improve mood and sleep


Data science services

Koliber Biosciences provides data analysis services serving customers in a variety of biotechnology sectors. We utilize a combination of modern machine learning tools and traditional statistics to turn complex data into key insights. Applications include: process optimization, formulation discovery, assay development, biomarker identification, transcriptome analysis and more. In addition to building predictive models we also offer publication quality data visualization services.


Statistics Training

Statistics can be overwhelming for researchers trained in biological sciences. This is because it's often taught in a math heavy and non-conceptual way. At Koliber Biosciences we take a different approach. We provide customized hands-on statistics training using your data. This enables scientists at any level to immediately apply the learning to their everyday experiments and make better decisions that save money and time. Individual and group sessions are available.



Ask about Koliber Engineering

Excellent real world experience with FPGA logic design using Verilog and VHDL. Proven ability to solve difficult problems while implementing novel approaches and reducing cost. Expert in high speed data transfer and Digital Signal Processing. High speed asynchronous data recovery, Software Defined Radios(SDR), all-digital phase locked loops, signal integrity (SI), power integrity (PI), PCI and PCIexpress host bus adapters. High level languages include Matlab, Simulink, Octave and Python, for system behavioral modeling and problem solving.

We know: Xilinx and Altera FPGAs and design environments, Verilog, Mentor Graphics (ModelSim) mixed mode HDL simulator, Matlab, Octave, Python, Hyperlynx SI/PI simulator, Ansoft / Ansys SiWave FEA Field Solvers, HFSS, SPICE, Orcad, Mathcad, Matlab, Simulink, Octave.


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Training - Machine learning - Predictive models - Design of experiments - Analytics

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Koliber Engineering

Digital design - DSP - Analog - Mixed Signal - VHDL - Circuit design

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python - C - VHDL - R - verilog

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