At Koliber Biosciences we

are passionate about synthetic biology.

We believe synthetic biology will change the way we cure diseases, manufacture chemicals, produce energy and grow food. We are committed to advancing your projects to commercialization by helping you use your data to drive your science.

Our capabilities span a range of applications and research areas. We specialize in statistically guided design of experiments, modeling and advanced data analytics. Whether you are optimizing a pathway, looking for new engineering targets or trying to better predict your strain performance at scale we can guide your efforts. Unlock the potential of your organisms, click on products to find out more.


Pathway optimization

You've discovered genes that show promise

in making your product but the complexity of your pathway presents a daunting optimization challenge. Through custom design of experiments we can help you explore vast experimental space with minimal number of samples. Arrive at your optimal pathway solution quickly and with confidence. Plus learn about the interactions between your genes.


Scale up/down predictive models.

Having trouble deciding which strains

to move forward with? Not sure how to use the data you're collecting to make decisions on what to pursue? Let us help by modeling your existing data to quickly evaluate your capabilities to predict performance at scale. We can help you streamline data collection, build predictive models and enable you to move toward commercialization with confidence. Don't leave your decisions to chance. Contact us for more information.


Target discovery

Looking for new targets to engineer

to improve your organisms? Working in a non-model host with little existing information? Tell us about your needs so we can develop products that are right for you. Contact us for a free consultation about your project needs.


Assay development

Whether you are about to design

your first assay or have a process in place already, simple optimization can dramatically improve your signal to noise, reduce your replicate requirements and improve your chances of finding true hits. Improve your bottom line and build more confidence in your assay with easy to carry out design of experiments.


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